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Gamma Phi Society at Colgate University

Posted by Phil Velez on November 13, 2022 at 5:15 PM

Gamma Phi - Adelphian - Delphic 

Further research into the formation of the Delphic Society at the University of Rochester confirms that the literary society was founded by some students who previously attended Colgate University and where members of the Adelphian Society. 

According to Colgate at 200, a website dedicted to the bicentennial anniversary of Colgate University, Gamma Phi is noted as being the university's first literary society, which helped pave the way to fraternity and sorority life on the campus located in Hamilton, New York. Gamma Phi Society was founded sometime around 1833 and was incorporated into Adelphian Society when it was founded in 1840. 

The University of Rochster confirms that members of the Adelphian Society at Colgate helped form the Delphic Society at Rochester in 1850. 

Therefore, for the historical record, the Gamma Phi Society at Colgate University founded around 1833 led to the Adelphian Society founded at Colgate in 1840, whose members help form the Delphic Society at the University of Rochester in 1850. The Delphic Society at Rochester is the predecessor organization to the Delphic Society founded in 1871 in Geneseo, New York, that today is known as the Delphic Fraternity. 




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