Delphic Fraternity

                 Gamma Sigma Tau

   More Than 145 Years of Brotherhood - Over 170 Years of History

List of Notable Delphic Alumni

  • John B. Abbott - This Founding Father of the Delphic Fraternity was a New York county judge, the first president of the Livingston County Bar Association, and  a State Democratic Leader.

  • Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr. - A United States Post Office, a community college scholarship, an athletic award, and a varsity soccer game are named after this Delphic alumnus who lost his life during the Vietnam War. 

  • William George Butler - World famous musician, composer, and one of the founders of the Delta chapter of the Delphic Fraternity at Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

  • Dr. John H. Doane - A building at Mansfield University is named after this physician and his family. 

  • Alfred Harcourt - American publisher who worked with some of the most famous writers of the 20th Century. 

  • Louis Jay Heath - Foreign correspondent for United Press International and one of the first organizers of the American Newspaper Guild.

  • R. Paul Higgins - A residence hall on the SUNY Cortland campus is named after this Delphic who was a prominent physician and higher education officer.

  • Clayton R. Lusk - The Lusk Field House at SUNY Cortland is named after this New York State Senator and Acting Lieutenant Governor of New York mostly remembered as chairman of the "Lusk Committee."

  • James M. Milne - The library at SUNY Oneonta is named after this Founding Father of Delphic who was the first principal of the Oneonta Normal School. 

  • William J. Milne - This Founding Father was an educator, academic administrator, and author known for heading two teachers' colleges in New York State and writing numerous mathematics textbooks.

  • Charles T. Saxton - American Civil War Veteran, New York State Senator, and Lieutenant Governor of New York. 

  • David Eugene Smith - Mathematician, educator, and editor considered one of the founders of the field of mathematics education.

  • George B. Strait - A planetarium at Mansfield University is named after this popular professor.

  • Harold G. Strait - A state highway is named after this prominent resident of Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

  • Frank E. Welles - This Founding Father was a prominent professor at SUNY Geneseo and former Superintendent of the Utica City School District. 

Our Founders

Dr. William J. Milne - Founding Father of the Delphic Fraternity

Dr. James. M. Milne - Founding Father of the
Delphic Fraternity